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Experts have offered their forecasts for dating trends in 2022.

According to the study, one-third of 18-34-year-olds are on the lookout for love this year. Furthermore, 37 percent of millennials and Gen Z want to be in a relationship, while 32 percent want to marry.

The survey, conducted by the worldwide dating app happn, also revealed the top features singles want in a mate, taking into consideration the previous year, and included both emotional and physical characteristics. While singles are seeking for a caring companion (40 percent), they haven’t forgotten about their attraction to someone who, at the very least, has a nice grin (61 percent ).

Ipek Kucuk, a dating specialist, predicted what will happen this year, saying, “Every New Year provides the opportunity to discover.” Whether it’s something new about ourselves in general or a fresh strategy to dating, there’s always something new to learn.

“Singles have had a rough go of it recently!” Love lives have been placed on hold for far longer than intended, providing enough opportunity to reflect on our achievements and mistakes, as well as maybe gain a few lessons along the road."

Kucuk predicted a variety of things, including

the year 2022 being the year of WanderLove (noun).

(Definition: The romantic act of traveling with someone new.)

“We believe that singles will use 2022 as an opportunity to explore - not just new countries, but also new people,” Kucuk adds. Singles may discover someone on their wavelength, on their path, while enjoying new experiences. These locations and people are beneficial for the soul, whether they result into long-term romances or a year-long summer love."

The year of TimeTravel (noun) is defined as a year in which romances are fast-forwarded.

“Obviously, we don’t imply physical time travel,” Kucuk explains. Many singles, particularly those who are experiencing the time demands that society places on them, will be concerned about whether their time has arrived to find “the one.” We’ll see a lot of ‘quick couples,’ individuals who rush into new relationships and make huge commitments in the early days to make up for ’lost’ time over the last two pandemic-plagued years."

The Anti-Adult (noun)

“Grabbing onto the pleasant things, or people, in life is surely no shame,” Kucuk adds. This year, we’ll be surrounded by a lot of loose cannons! Being an Anti-Adult now does not imply a life free of responsibility. We believe that singles will embrace freedom (when it arrives) and enjoyment while causing no damage."

The Reincar-dating year (verb)

A play-on-words is defined as a combination of two or more words. In a dating setting, to reincarnate yourself. Understanding oneself once again, a fresh start, PMA, being open to new experiences, and so on

“The New Year provides an opportunity for singles to take a step back, reset, and be honest with what they’re searching for,” Kucuk adds. We’ll witness a fresh influx of daters who are willing to’reincar-date’ themselves! They’ll have regained a sense of self-awareness, and with a positive mental attitude (PMA) on their side, these daters won’t be lonely for long."

The Here&Now-ers (noun)

“While having aims and setting goals is vital, it’s just as crucial to focus on how we’re feeling right now,” Kucuk adds. and I am well aware that this is easier said than done! We’ll witness an inflow of free-spirited daters who are living in the moment this year. There is no universal ’life guide’ that we must all follow. There are no boxes that we must check as we reach specific ages. The Here&Now-ers are going to burn that fictitious rule book!"

“Singles, before you start your dating excursions this year, remember that above all things – those pesky family members or friends, for example - whether you choose to pursue a romantic relationship or not is your choice,” Kucuk finishes. It’s fine if you don’t always feel in complete control of your love life; but, it’s never a bad idea to remind yourself that your choices are the most important. After all, 2022 is yours."