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Grindr has released its annual ‘Unwrapped,’ an unofficial statistics report that looks back on users’ Grindr behavior from 2021 and forecasts trends for the following year.

The report uses anonymous, aggregated data about user preferences and behaviors to highlight insights such as which cities and countries have the most Grindr users, which day or time has the most traffic, and how many expired photos are sent each month (a whopping 82 million).

For Grindr’s millions of daily active users, the whole report is available at the site and in-app.

According to the survey, Grindr users transmit over 1 billion photographs every month on average, the most popular profile tag is ‘Vaccinated,’ and Doja Cat ft. The most popular profile song was by SZA.

Grindr Unwrapped is the latest in a series of projects aimed at finding new ways to connect Grindr users. It comes after multi-city in-person events like ‘Fright Now’ and ‘Pride: The Comeback,’ as well as a virtual stand-up special, Gag Reflex, and Pride Perseveres, a 30-day in-app content festival that began in June 2020.

“Even with certain in-person events restarting this year, virtual connection has remained a lifeline for many,” said Alex Black, Grindr’s Director of Marketing. Grindr Unwrapped is a fun method for our users to get to know one another better, it acts as an icebreaker for app chats, and it gives us some intriguing insights into last year’s patterns.”