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We can’t be the only ones who are looking forward to the Harry Potter cast reunion, can we? Let’s ring in our reunion with some Wizarding World Harry Potter pickup lines.

They give us a reunion just when we thought Harry Potter’s era was coming to an end… This is the ideal moment to whip out your wands and accio your hookup dating app matches with the greatest dirty pickup lines from a hookup dating site!

Scary ? Nah!

Starting a tinder chat might be frightening, especially when you have nothing in common with the other person - wait, they adore Harry Potter too? Score! With your Nimbus 2000 and some slick pickup lines, what better way to sweep them off their feet?

You’re probably thinking that nice tinder pick up lines can’t possible include Harry Potter — what sort of smooth pickup lines would that be? It’s more along the lines of cheesy pickup phrases. Well, not always. Harry Potter pickup lines don’t have to be cheesy; they can also be humorous tinder lines or even a small knowledge pop quiz to see whether your dating app matches are true Potterheads.

without further ado, the magic you’ve all been waiting for….

  • Are you a Snitch? Cause you’re sparkling Golden in my eyes.
  • Do you have Instagram? Cause I’ll Slytherin your DMs.
  • If I were Harry Potter, I’d ride you instead of a broom.
  • Do you like Harry Potter? Cause I Dumble-dore you!
  • Are you all the Harry Potter books combined in one? Cause you’re thicc! *Excuse me, are you the prequel to Harry Potter? Because you’re a Fantastic Beast. *You can Obliviate my memory any time, but I’ll still fall in love with you. *If I found the Room of Requirement, you’d be the only thing in it. *Are you going to bed? Mind if I Slytherin? *Funny that you like Harry Potter… Cause I know Parseltongue in certain places. *You must play Quidditch. I know a Keeper when I see one. *Wow, when I said “Accio hottie,” I didn’t expect it to work! *Are you using the Confundus charm, or are you just naturally mind-blowing? *I may not be the boy who lived, but I can still be your chosen one. *My name may not be Luna, but I sure know how to Lovegood! *How about we Portus to my place and you can show me your Chamber of Secrets? *Ever taken the Pottermore test? They know my wand is 7 inches! *Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? *Are you sure you’re a muggle? Cause that ass is magical!

in the end…

Always. (If you know, you know.)

These Harry Potter pickup lines may also be used as a template for dating profiles and can be utilized on the finest hookup websites (Tinder, Bumble, DOWN Dating App, Hinge, Ockupid). Just keep in mind that your life should not revolve on the Wizarding World!

And remember, if you want to make a Potterhead drool, try approaching them with these Harry Potter pickup lines and sending them to your hookup dating app matches. If it succeeds, you’ll be able to visit Hogsmeade and have a good time!