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Sex has evolved over time into a pleasurable experience that may be had in an instant. Previously reserved for close and married couples, the notion of friends with benefits has become so widespread that sex may occur between two strangers. It’s critical for partners to keep things interesting and new. New experiences can lead to increased satisfaction and orgasm, as well as new delights.

If you and your partner’s sex has gotten a bit mundane and you want to spice it up, the following suggestions will help you get things spicy and passionate.

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According to research, couples are creatures of habit, even when it comes to where and how they touch each other. As a result, make an attempt to touch your lover in places other than where you normally do. You may discover sensitive spots on their body that you were unaware of.

Mix it up a bit

Try exchanging sides if you normally lie on the right and your spouse on the left. You may be compelled to contact with opposing hands, which will be uncomfortable for both of you. It may take some time to adjust at first, but the shift will be exciting.

Sexy Daydreams

If you have some risqué or naughty dreams, tell your spouse about them. Start with the most harmless fantasy and watch how your spouse reacts. Discuss your desire of having sex in the backseat of your car, for example, and observe how they react. You can then progress to fantasizing about leaning over the hood.

new sex positions new sex positions new sex positions new sex positions new

According to studies examining bedroom habits, most couples tend to adhere to one or two sex positions. You may not even be aware that it has become a habit. As a result, change things up. If you frequently have sex in the spooning position, for example, you may easily go to the front and convert to the doggy position. New positions will offer new feelings, and you’ll be astonished at how much you’ve been missing out on. You may find some incredible sex positions on xvideos.

Simple games make it easy to incorporate pleasure into your bedroom activities. You may blindfold your spouse and ask them to guess which part of your body you’re using to touch them. It might be the tip of your nose, the tip of your toes, or the tip of your tongue. The blindfold heightens sensitivity and builds stress.

These sex suggestions are designed to pique your interest in new and exciting sexual encounters. You may experiment with them to see what works best for you. You may even combine them for a more intense sexual encounter.